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We are sure that together we can help each other learn how to survive in this dog eat dog world that seems to be falling apart around us.
It is really difficult to know who to believe.
A while back, we decided to get back to some basics of living and surviving. We will teach some ways to live simpler. Slow down> Smell the roses.
We want to live as long as we can on this earth and we hope to teach some survival techniques that came from our for Fathers and Mothers.
Join us today.

Our philosophy
            Learn how to survive in our world ,maybe even without as much money as you originally hoped you would have by now. If you are like me you got to retirement age before you reached your goals and now your wondering if you can survive the rest of your life.

Our commitment to results
            We will help teach some fundimentals of survival. We will suggest doing things today that may make life easier for you in the days ahead. We all are hearing doom and gloom in one ear and how well off we are in the other. Hard to decide? Maybe together we can gedderdone.

Our experience
            We have very little experience. We are learning as we go. I am 66 years old and my wife is 53 years old. Together we have managed to put together some plans that will keep us alive as long as our hearts are beating. Some of what we do may not even make sense to the younger crowd out there in the cities. We are talking to young folks that don't know what survive means much less how to do it. They have all been given so much all their lives that doing something on their own from scratch just confuses them. Most young people are lost without their internet, their phone and their Mommy and Daddy. Well maybe we can help and we sure are going to try to Justgedderdone.

Get to know our approach

This way to business success

Bring great ideas to your business

OFF the grid suggestions and getting it done. I can lead you to Savings and Opportunities that are for real.Things and ways that we and our friends do to, make our lives fun,easier and more secure. Information that will help you make sense of your future lives. Steps one should take to learn how to survive in the world today and justgedderdone.
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